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Higgins Theatre makes its debut in the third book of Runaway Bay (Book 3: Runaway Ridge), but where is it located? Simon says it's in Limerick City, but is it a real theatre? The answer, he tells us, is no. He debated using the name of a real theatre but giving the events that unfold there in chapter 1, he chose instead to fictionalise the location.

Lahaine Beach, the location of Runaway Bay, is another fictional area created by Simon Doyle, although it does have it's foundations in an actual location. 

Doyle modelled the area after Lahinch Beach in Co. Clare, including its V-shaped inlet that splits the sands down the middle.

We're often reminded of Denis' age throughout Runaway Bay's first book, Runaway Train. But what about Oliver?

It's one of those blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments, but did you spot in Chapter 2 when the news presenter pointed out that Oliver Lloyd is 25? Her exact words are: "Twenty-five-year-old Oliver Lloyd, heir to the Isham-Lloyd fortune, pictured here with his on-again off-again boyfriend, Walter Mason, is set to cut the ribbon on Ireland’s first luxury overnight train service this evening."

Mr Jangles the Killer Clown makes his theatrical debut in Runaway Train. Mr Jangles Goes Berserk is the name of a 1967 movie that Oliver mentions to Denis shortly after the train stops. But we're sorry to say that the movie is not real. Simon Doyle invented Mr Jangles for the novel.

Clannon Village ("population: 300 Bible-bashers," as Tom says), is a fictional village in Simon Doyle's Runaway Bay novels, first appearing in Book 1: Runaway Train.

Clannon Village, located a few kilometres northwest of Dublin, is the birthplace and hometown of Denis Murphy.

Runaway Bay – we'd all love to live there along side Denis, Oliver, and its ever-growing cast of wonderful characters, but where is it, and can you buy a house there? Sadly, the answer is no. Runaway Bay is a fictional village created by author Simon Doyle. In his novels, it is located on the slopes above Lahaine Beach.